Child’s Play are committed to ensure all of our locations are adhering to local and national Covid19 health and safety requirements.

Child’s Play has reviewed the Government of Alberta announcement from Saturday February 26, 2022 and would like to update families on our direction going forward. The Government of Alberta has lifted many protocols for schools. As we start to return to pre covid operations Child’s Play will still practice and follow the below measures at this time:

  • QR code for sign in/ out
  • We ask parents to review the AHS screening form before bringing their child to care
  • Staff will complete screening questions with children when they arrive at site and after school
  • Child’s Play Staff will review screening form daily before their shift
  • We will continue with drop off and pick up at the door as schools have requested parents not enter the building. This may vary from school to school.
  • Mask Wearing is optional for children and staff – We do recommend children and staff wear a mask however it is the individual’s personal preference, and everyone will be supported.
  • Children and staff are asked to stay home when sick
  • If a staff or child tests positive for covid 19 please follow AHS isolation guidelines
  • Hourly cleaning of high touch surfaces
  • Frequent handwashing/ use of hand sanitizer
  • Daily toy cleaning
  • Items from home discouraged at this time

Child’s Play will continue to update parents as we review and receive information from school districts.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding at this time.