1st September, 2020 General News

Screening Questionnaire

Before your child can attend Child’s Play you must complete the screening questionnaire. If your child is coming to Child’s Play in the morning, please complete this and send to your site manager by either emailing or texting the site. We do need this before your child can attend the morning session.

For children attending afternoon only parents still need to complete this and send to us by 12:30pm, you can either email or text it to the site. If we do not receive these questionnaires each day, we will not be able to offer care to your child/children until it is filled out.

You can download a screening question here.

Staggered Entry

A reminder that we can only take children on the day they have staggered entry this week. Your child must be attending school in order for them to come to our program this week. Please let your site manager know what day your child has school so we know to expect them.


We will be following all school district policies regarding masks. The same policies currently apply to Out of School Care programs operating inside a school.

QR Code/ Pin Code

Our aimyPlus system will allow you to sign in and out with a QR code. Parents will need a pin code to do this. Your pin code is found on your aimyPlus account under the primary parent information section. If you cannot locate this, please contact us. As this is a new feature in the system we have been practising and have noticed some glitches. We are working on having these fixed, so we ask for your patience if there are any issues in the upcoming weeks. The staff will be able to sign the children in and out if this isn’t working.

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