Register & Set up Your Parent / Child Profiles

Thank you for the opportunity for us to provide Child’s Play out of school care programmes to your children. As part of our ongoing commitment to offer our families greater service, convenience and ultimately child safety, we’re proud to offer you AIMY PLUS – our online parent portal.

Registration for 2023/ 2024 is not open at this time. Please do not create an online account at this time.


If you haven’t already, please register here to set up your parent and child profiles, this will provide all the key information that we require for licensing requirements.

Once you have entered your information, the details of your child/children and authorized pick ups you will also have an opportunity to upload photographs for you all to enhance on site-safety and identification.

Its very straightforward – you only need to set this up once and your details can be updated at any time.


You can now book in for the session you require. Click on “Make a booking’, then select your child/children’s names and the school they attend. To make a full time booking you can click the regular booking button. For casual drop in care you will still need to click the regular booking button. You can then choose which session from the list meets your childcare needs or make a customized booking for drop in care.


Once you have made your choice for booking you will get a message saying that your booking is pending. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm with you if the program has space and how payment can be made.


Once your space is confirmed your child/children will be in the attendance and ready to start at our programme! You will then use AIMY Plus on our site iPads to sign your child/children in and out of the programme.

If you have any questions on your set up or bookings, please give us a call at 403-669-2072 and we will guide you through the steps.